Thursday, April 16, 2009


Let me start at the end and end in the beginning.

At the moment right now, I am in a room with my roommate, his friend and the friend's girl friend. They just walked in my room about 20 minutes ago from a location that I don't know.

The first tool is wearing a black button dress shirt, with a black and white checker print tie, with slacks. The girl friend is wearing a black T-shirt with matching checker print stripe down the front and plain jeans and yet again matching checker belt.

IFC is on the tv and yet no one is watching, talking about people they know in common saying how they are the ones messed up. Like the Weezer song Pork and Beans, the line "Oakley makes the shades that transform a tool" well if I be damned the friend and my roommate are wearing Oakeys and raving on their style. Hearing of the 'dancing' at the concert and the drug use and heaving drinking that will be happening on the way and the concert makes me inside hope for something 'bad to happen'. According to the friend 'if you dance the whole night you will be sober enough to drive'. Well I am a simple guy but I believe that if under the age of 21 in the USA and travel through 3 states, any amount of alcohol in the system is not good?

Right now the only good thing is the Friend had early late 1950s Twilight Zone DVDs, the acting is pure shit but better than listening to the shit from their mouths. Both the Friend and Girl Friend went to the bathroom and before their walking back my roommate asked if I was going home tomorrow. Of course I was like every week but what was the meaning of asking me this? Does he feel I am in the way or something. To be asked a question that the answer is already known is odd.

Now I am sitting alone in my room because of course they go to eat something to eat before the trip and my to be considered to join would be a bad thing? The only worry on my mind is the need to study and the disruption I will be getting in about....umm...10 hrs.

Now let me go to the chapter before now. Today my roommate tells me that his friend and girlfriend are going to sleep in our room. I wasn't asked, I was told. Where is the respect in that? I really don't like people that I don't know well around much and to have 2 in my room while I snore (roommate wears earplugs even though I don't think I snore as loud as he does) have to deal with that. I have get up at 9 am tomorrow. Will it happen? Yes. Will it happen easily? Doubtfully no.

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