Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6th

What a crappy day and its only 11:22 am. I went to bed with the notion of sleeping well and waking early the sound of an egg being fried. Instead between the hours of 1am and 5:30am I was unable to sleep nor the lack of air getting to my lungs helped the situation.

Finally, falling asleep about the hour of 6 am, my day was going to begin in a short 2 hours. Laying on my bed, which I should never do because I snore on my back, I slept 2 hours just to hear the sound of an alarm clock of my roommate. With the sound of him finally turning it off and slamming every last drawer, he asked me if I was going to get up and go to class?

Well no, I am not, I haven't gotten any sleep at all. Then he continues to add that I was snoring so loud that the ear plugs he was wearing didn't work. He tells me to just sleep and feel better, with continuing the slamming of doors and drawers finally left for class.

I got up 2 hours later, took a shower, missed 2 classes, and feel better.

All this and my day hasn't even begun!

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